frankles free fridays

Jose Gonzalez took what was a beautiful, marching love song by The Knife and transformed it into a soft, sweet lullaby. All the raw power of The Knife’s original was somehow, and magnificently maintained. So it’s understandable when I see a remix of Gonzalez’ cover, that I approached it with some (re: a LOT) of hesitation. How good could it be? It’s going to ruin the song. It’s going to just sound terribl-wait a second. No, Jesus, this is good. No, this is fantastic. Filous & Mount for the win.

More sounds inside sounds inside sounds: Vic & Gab covered the Pixies’ seminal ‘Where is My Mind,’ which Mt. Eden saw fit to remix into a dubby, anthemic, sample-enhanced nugget of joy. The vocals are still heavily entrenched in reverb, but instead of a shredding guitar of Joey Santiago against the surreal backdrop of Kim Deal’s “Oooh’s,” it’s a sharp, high-pitched synth with manic drums and…what sounds to be the surreal backdrop of Kim Deal’s “Oooh’s.” There are some things you just don’t mess with.

This mix for London superclub Fabric by Dorsia showcases one of my favorite kinds of finds: the accidental ones. I left SoundCloud on a mix from Rainer + Grimm a couple weeks ago, and a couple hours later, I found myself checking in every ten minutes or so, wondering what kind of magic I was hearing. It was Dorsia every time. This mix is specifically to promote the club’s ongoing Friday series called Fabriclive, which is intended to push the limits of what club music can be or do. For what it’s worth, club music can do whatever the hell Dorsia wants it to.



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