frankles free fridays

The next two installments of Frankles’ Free Fridays will be focusing on an event I’ll be covering for ElectroJams over Halloween weekend, Hard’s Day of the Dead in LA.

Rustie is a tough cookie to categorize. There’s elements of house, trap, hip-hop and what I can only think to call cinematic electronica. This mix takes a bit to get going, but it also clocks in at just under two hours, so it’s understandable that he may want to take his time easing into it. Not that I’m condoning it, but if you ever find yourself in need of a soundtrack to rob a bank to, it should probably be Rustie’s Rinse FM mix. Whatever happens, you’ll feel ten times cooler doing it with this as your audio backdrop.

RL Grime is a tonal and genre cousin to Rustie, which explains why Rustie will be a part of RL Grime’s curated Void Stage at the festival. Anything I said about Rustie is equally true for RL Grime, though things can get a little harder and dirtier with the latter. Don’t rob banks.

Rounding out the Day of the Dead trio is Odesza’s remix of Pretty Lights’ “Lost and Found,” in which Odesza offers up a sort of unicorn: a remix that actually improves upon the original. (See also: Flume’s remix of “You and Me” by Disclosure, and possibly O’s Massive Attack-laced remix of Zhu’s “Faded.”) The duo takes a very clean song of strings (guitar, cello) and drums and casts a murky layer over top of it. The groove is maintained, though it’s been formed to an Odesza mold, and the drums and vocal samples are used more as accents than the basis they serve in the original. I get chills starting at 2:09 every time. Next level.

And here’s a little bonus fourth download from little Madeon. I have to admit that I felt a little guilty about writing that, but I did see him play Coachella two years ago standing atop a record crate, not unlike a booster seat, so he could reach the gear. Speaking of harder and dirtier, I’d pegged the French producer as all glitz and glam, but he achieve an edge with “Imperium,” a random release after a long stretch of silence. Sure, the glam is still there, but the cuffs are all caked with the muck of a grungy synth. It suits him.

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