Sunday Sounds: Caribou | Our Love

If I had to come with a tl;dr for Caribou’s new album, “Our Love,” it would be, “Abstract, with feelings.” If I had a few more words, I’d add “41 minutes of bliss.” For anybody familiar with Dan Snaith’s music as either acronym, Caribou or his more dance-oriented Daphni, none of those descriptors should come as a surprise.

It’s difficult at many times in this album to figure out what you’re hearing. It may not be a piano, or a guitar, or anything you’ve ever heard before, but it always seems perfectly clear that you’re listening to what basically amounts to a ten-part love song.

Caribou’s music always seems to rest on a comfortable, layered bed of low frequencies of deep synthesizers and percussion, while the higher registers fluctuate in both number and complexity.

One of the odd stand-out sounds on the album is Snaith’s use of vocal samples, which could easily fit into any 90’s big beat house track. His own vocals are sung in a soft falsetto, as in his previous work, which would be an obnoxious distraction in any other musical setting. Listen to ‘Silver’ or ‘Back Home,’ and you’ll quickly realize this isn’t any musical setting. This is an unorthodox setting curated by a strange and gifted musician, and the gentle falsetto fits like a glove.

This Sunday, do what Dan did, and find a way to show your love in an unexpected, non-traditional way, and speak only as long as you need to. Short and sweet. And maybe a little weird.

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