frankles free fridays

Back for part two of Hard Day of the Dead-themed Free Fridays.

Calvin Harris needs no introduction. He’s the guy who used to look purposefully frumpy and made powerful, emotional house and even used to sing his own songs. Over time, everything about Calvin Harris underwent a gradual makeover, until he was the pretty boy rolling around a bed with Ellie Goulding. He’s produced a long string of hits with Ellie, Rihanna, Florence Welch, and recently John Newman. He’s a little demanding in a live environment, yelling at the crowd in his Scottish accent to put their hands in the air or make some noooooooise every ten minutes or so. Other than that, he’s a good show. Unless you’re the type that likes being yelled at. Then he’s a great show.

Chalk up a bonus for a double-whammy of HDOTD performers. AlunaGeorge gets the dark, brooding  Tchami remix treatment on their drowsy, poppy “You Know You Like It.” For the first minute and forty or so seconds, you might think to it’s not a bad remix, but it doesn’t really bear the mark of Tchami. That mark is a grinding synth line, with the percussion, and in particular the bass front and center. That mark get right in your face at the minute forty mark. I like what you did there, guy.

Gesaffelstein is not a terribly easy name to pronounce, but it’s certainly more interesting than his given name, Mike Levy. He’s among the rare contingent of HDOTD artists that cannot be classified as House. He produces Techno, and he does it well. While there isn’t a ton of his own material in the set, it does offer an ample glimpse of what you can expect from his Saturday set.

You can hear an MC in the beginning asking everybody to back up, which you’d assume meant the people in front of the DJ booth. But this is Boiler Room, where fans are pressed right up against performers. In this case some…uncomfortably awkward fans. Uncomfortably close. See for yourself here.

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