frankles free fridays

I was one of the fortunate ones to catch Benoit & Sergio tear up the 7up stage at Hard Day of the Dead last weekend, enough to drive me to search for something to share with the world. Lucky (again) enough, there’s a freshly released DJ mix, which is apparently a rarity for the French/US who prefer a live performance of their own material over DJing songs by other people. Enjoy the fruits of our mutual fortune.

This is a summer song. It belongs in a convertible, or on the beach, or spending a day at the park with your friends. Chet Faker and WKND pair up like a perfect wine and cheese, peas in a pod, or in the park metaphor’s case, a frisbee and a large bag of Hindu Kush.

Ferry Corsten made himself a compelling little mix for Vice’s electronic offspring, THUMP. I groaned a bit when I saw this, figuring it would be the typical synth-mashing trance I’ve heard in his mixes in the past. I was happily proven wrong when I actually listened and found a dynamic, evolving mix starting with basic house selections, eventually leading up to where I expected. Although, in this mix, it’s a fine destination to wind up at.


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