frankles free fridays

Describing himself only as an “Electric Disco Man,” London producer jackLNDN has been pumping out a steady supply of quality deep- and trop-house remixes for the past year, and even dropped an EP of four original songs last February. Island and beach-focused electronic music has had a wildly successful year, and probably would have been even bigger if Thomas Jack’s people knew their way around a passport office. Sample his new track “Don’t Forget” below, starting off sounding like a nod to old school house before shifting slowing into a more modern trop-house style.

If I find a new Kanye West and (fill in the blank) mashup that isn’t completely terrible, I will probably post it on a Friday. Thankfully for all involved, this Kanye vs Sam Smith by Carlos Serrano is nowhere even close to terrible. Blending “Stay With Me” by Smith with Yeezy’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” Serrano clearly favors the song style of the former, and the heavyweight beat of the latter. The result is a sort of drunken swagger of a song, proud and not shy in the least.

While the original version of “Habits (Stay High)” by Tove Lo is a solid stab at a morose, yet spiteful break-up song, this remix by Hippie Sabotage takes it to another level. Another woozy, dreamy, bittersweet and beautiful level. The alternate set-up and song structure shift the track from a pop mini-ballad into a strung out stream of decisions and actions aimed at revenge, though ultimately ending in self-destruction. And, like those kinds of decisions, the same holds true for the remix, that you just can’t help but go back for more.

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