frankles free fridays

We have a special thematic post today for your Friday listening pleasure. My favorite accidents (Aside from me, of course. Thanks for drinking so much at that Christmas party, mom and dad!) are the happy ones, like when you pull up a SoundCloud your friend shared with you, then it just keeps playing associated songs you may or may not like. Such was the case when I was listening to Hayden James’ stellar new track “Something About You,” which isn’t free, but is definitely worth a listen.

After I was happily elated by Hayden James, Diplo‘s familiar voice came on, introducing (the “I can’t make up this name”) Daktyl for his Mix on the Diplo + Friends BBC Radio  1XTRA show. Not sure why Diplo would be commenting on a producer’s choice of name, especially when they both seem to fall in the same vein of abbreviated dinosaurs.

At about the 45-minute mark, Daktyl plays a remix of Halsey’s sweet, but sullen “Ghost,” which I mistook for a free download when I looked it up. It isn’t free. The download link directs you to the iTunes page to purchase her Room 93 EP. Psych! Joke’s on me. I did find another song available for free, though.

Yup, the remix I liked so much to track it down. Daktyl infuses Halsey‘s sweet, poppy Ghost with insistent minor-key synth mashings, and the most perfectly placed bass-line at about the 1:09 mark, which bridges the bright and chippy intro into the downtempo groove it writhes around in for the remaining two minutes. The bass-line lasts maybe three seconds, but it’s well long-enough to give me goosebumps.

Another highlight is his transistion into Mr. Carmack‘s “Rapper,” starting at about 15:30. It’s flawless and beautiful and leads into some of the dirtiest beats I’ve heard all year. Oddly heavy for coming from somebody based in Hawaii.

While the song isn’t available for free through the SoundCloud link below, if you go to Mr. Carmack’s Bandcamp page, you can get his entire Drugs EP (featuring “Rappers”)  for “name your own price.” Technically, you can get it for free if you’re short on change. It’s also 14 tracks long, which is 8 songs more than your average EP, so whatever you decide to pay, you’re getting your money’s worth.

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