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My Dec. 26 post got looked over due to a sugar hangover like I’ve never seen before, so in true Christmas fashion, I’m going to write letters of apology to all of my loved ones double up the free this Friday.

Kicking us off is Beats Antique with their mesmorizing remix of Bassnectar’s “So Butterfly,” enlisting the vocal skills of Sorne to create a hypnotizing, delightful version of an already light-for-Bassnectar track. As a matter of fact, this version may sound more like typical Bassnectar fair than the original. It’s promising for both parties, particularly Beats whose output has been a little on the bland side since taking the backseat to their live visual show.

Craig Williams looks like a member of Dethklok, which makes it even more intriguing to learn that he used to operate as part of a Blackhawk helicopter crew for the Australian army. I know, Australia has an ARMY. Crazy, right? Who’s next, Canada?  Anyway, he’s back on the ground and committed himself to music. Most recently, in taking the gentle ADD-ridden synths of Claude VonStroke’s “Vocal Chords” and shifting them into a marching, thumping house gem, appropriate for any dance floor, any club or occasion. He basically took roller-skates and turned them into a military helicopter.

Who in their right mind covers the Cranberries? Sure, they had the market cornered on sweet, lovey-dovey pop in the late 90’s, but it seemed like when they went away, nobody really noticed. Except RAC. He noticed, as did a similarly-sweet vocalist going by the name of Pink Feathers. They do “Dreams” justice, applying an updated indie-pop wash and trigger a solid shot of nostalgia at the same time.

I posted a fabric live mix from Dorsia a few months back and have been twiddling my thumbs, impatiently waiting for more material. On the surface, it may seem like an odd choice, to release a remix of a somewhat obscure dance-pop song from 1986 by Donna Allen. It’s incredible, because this remix would be equally at place in a club today as it would have been in the mid-90’s. They dropped the track ahead of their NYE appearance with Totally Extinct Dinosaurs and MK at dollop in New York. The more I listen, the more I’m convinced I made the wrong decision in what to do that night, and possibly with where to live.

For those of you who are more fans of long-form plays, check the 38 minute mix the vowel-hating SNBRN put together for the “lifestyle brand” called too future. There’s a lot to love about the ways SNBRN pulls together various an unlikely genres. It’s funny to here an anti-establishment anthem pulled from Floyd’s “The Wall” in and establishment that is EDM set, and even more so as a precursor to ODB’s “Baby I got your money.”

The online offspring of Vice Media focusing on EDM/electronic music known as THUMP are celebrating their benchmark of 100K followers on SoundCloud by making all their MIXED BY series available for download at no cost. Highlights include Bonobo’s 500mB aiff mix, Autograf’s future chill and Tchami’s future bass. I’m sure there’s something in there for everybody:

Keep an eye on jackLNDN in 2015. Here, he takes George Maple’s swooning “Talk, Talk” and shifts the tempo, infusing a little disco makes it feel like the only thing this song may be missing is a disco ball and a lighted dance floor. It took me a few minutes to find a full mix of his work, which I’ll paste below. Enjoy, and here’s to getting as much new music and as many new names as we did in 2014.

“When I’m with you, there’s no place I’d rather be.”

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