frankles free fridays

First up, we have a rather ballsy, yet populist remix of Moby. I say ballsy for two reasons. Most people don’t remix Moby, because most remixes of his songs aren’t different enough from the original, or at times misuse the source material and gut the emotional intensity he’s come to master. The second reason ties in with populist, because it has a trop-house feel to it, and the market seems awfully saturated with Thomas Jack’s and Kygo’s lately. But TYR skirts a fine line, infusing equal parts original alongside new trop elements added in. The desolate sadness of the original is intact, but as odd as it sounds, it’s the kind of desolate sadness you can dance to.

You’d really have to fuck up Lil Wayne‘s “A Milli” for me not to love your remix. Thankfully, K Theory did a great job of avoiding that on their drenched-in-trap makeover. The bass is a similarly heavy handed thump for the first three minutes, then all hell breaks loose. Luckily, you’re in hell with Weezy.

Thanks to Waxhole Records for the first two suggestions, where they offer an admittedly sexier alliteration, “fourplay friday” and an occasional alliteration-free “Dope Tuesday 4Pack” when they miss the Friday post.

Closing out is a new to the world, old to Grimes track from her Halafaxa era. If you liked “Visions,” but didn’t care for her collab, “Go” with Blood Diamonds, then you’re gonna love it.  I’ll let the lady do the rest of the intro:

i dunno this is like a halfaxa cut that didnt make it i think        -Grimes

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