Sunday Sounds: Royal

Royal_Passenger I have a running joke with a group my of friends about the odd and direct correlation between a DJ’s or producers’ level of talent and how ridiculously strong their accent is. The more difficult it is to understand what they’re saying, the better music they make. I’ve never personally spoken with Royal, nor have I found any kind of recording of his voice, but based on our “Accent Theory,” he must mumble exclusively gibberish. Royal is Imad-Roy El-Amine, a DC-based producer of some of the more potent, beautiful downtempo/hip-hop/chillwave/something house coming out right now. It has a solid, soft atmosphere and beats that you’ll have to consciously fight your ass from moving along to. He’s a producer on a slow rise, and looks set-up for a pretty successful year. The first song released from the EP is sweet heart-to-heart hip-hop jam just oozing Drake, but instead of the Canadian with an approximately 50% approval rating, it’s Desktop. providing the clever vocal talents. The second is the recently-released softer, more ballad-like “Passenger,” featuring a beautifully utilized vocoder to provide the harmonizing heart of the tune. No doubt a coincidence, the song shares a striking resemblance to Har Mar Superstar’s “You are the Sunshine of My Soul,” in both the vocal harmonies as well as a similar pleading for a romantic partner to recognize their importance to the songwriter. Royal’s debut EP titled “Cycles” (preview here) is set for release late January. Hopefully the playlist will continue fill out more as the release date approaches. [Follow Royal on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud]

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