frankles free fridays

If anything, with N2N‘s trop-house remix of The xx‘s “Intro” comes the answer to the age old question of what the Miami Vice theme song might have sounded like if Jamie xx scored it.

The bright, flashy synth may be loosely based around the original’s melody, but it sticks out in much the same way a Hawaiian shirt would at one of The xx’s shows. Which is the point, and doubly so for the sax that drops in somewhat unceremoniously. Am I including this because it’s a great song?  Not really, but it does make me giggle.

Because sometimes it gets tiring either making your own playlist (predictable), or sifting through one by one (tedious). It’s nice in those times to have a mix full of sweet, sweet house put together by someone like Moon Boots. Someone you can trust to keep it up consistently throughout, but also who mixes in surprises along the way.

Did somebody say “sweet, sweet house?” In a word, Duke Dumont describes his mix recorded live in the Bahamas as part of an island stop for Holy Ship as simply, “Tropical.” That’s it. The mix is similarly…I don’t want to say dialed in, because I wasn’t at the private island party, but it doesn’t feel as cohesive or immediate as some of his previous mixes do.

Also, before you ask about his hot tub time machine, Brits order their dates differently. He did not travel time to deliver a mix from April 1st. Just know that before you make some comment about it and your friend who knows better politely corrects you.

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