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Tried as I might, I couldn’t track down a legitimate copy of Above & Beyond’s “Sun and Moon” to share with the world today. That song has had a bit of a stranglehold on my thoughts this week, and I guess I figured if I could get it out into the world, that it would relent and let me go. Not unlike the recording in ‘The Ring.’

My search was not entirely in vain, though, as it led to me stumbling over this mix by Lane 8 I intended to post a month ago. Winter 2014 Mixtape is the latest installment in the German producer’s seasonal series, which coasts idly between house and deep house, mixing in his own songs and remixes with whatever he’s into at the moment.

Nestled about 2/3 through is his stellar remix of Odesza’s “Bloom,” which impresses a sense of urgency and movement that wasn’t missing in the original, but that also sounds right at home in his interpretation.

To paraphrase my friend Jimmy, “The Weeknd’s been copping Shy Girls’ game for a minute.” No, Jimmy doesn’t really talk like that, but the sentiment is the same, and the sentiment is also not entirely wrong.

If you’re into genres, you could lump Shy Girls into the same “Nu-R&B” category as The Weeknd and FKA Twigs, which is a kind of undefined area for non-traditional baby-making music. The Portland-based soul singer may not have the support of Drake or Justin Timberlake, but he’s no stranger to collaborations, working with (again) Odesza and Cyril Hahn on their recent releases.

He can add Rome Fortune, Junglepussy and Antwon to that list with his debut mixtape, 4WZ, available for free download in trade for your permission to email you, here. Preview the mix below.

Speaking of Deep House and producers from Portland, one of my favorite producers of the admittedly overplayed genre is Jason Burns, who sadly has not collaborated with or remixed Odesza. It’s a pity, too, as the two seem like a peanut butter and jelly mix of downtempo goodness.

His bass lines are things of magic, as addictive as chocolate, and as seductive as Barry White’s crooning baritone. Burns is also responsible for one of the best remixes the last five years on his collab with Jessie Andrews on Drake’s (It’s really more of a Sampha remix) “Too Much,” which  you can find about six songs into this mix.

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