frankles free fridays

Prince Fox put together a solid 27 minutes of this hour-long mix from’s “Cloudcasts” series. Over the course of the past six months, Prince Fox has established himself as a capable remixer, most notably his work with Hotel Garuda on Kanye West’s “All of the Lights.” I was happy to hear Royal’s “Round 2” a couple songs in, illustrating Prince Fox isn’t all about Future Bass/Trap/Disco/Hop/Whatever. It even makes it worth the extended 29:30 lead-up.

Speaking of fingers on the pulse, Sole Bicycles continues to show their clever and fashionable taste extends beyond bikes. Joining the ranks of Tensnake, Anna Lunoe and Chrome Sparks is up-and-coming Trop-House (a thing) producer and vowel-eschewer SNBRN. The “fixtape” is a release in conjunction with Goldenvoice’s new ‘CRSSD Fest’ in San Diego next month. If you happen to be in the area, it looks like a really good line-up, and a bargain at a mere $85. If not, you can always catch SNBRN at Electric Forest…

The two Canadians in Adventure Club do remixes very well, and their take on MS MR’s “Hurricane” is no exception. It’s a slow, easy build to a beautiful plateau. The pay-off is so worth it. Their rondo-treatment of the vocals creates an appropriately paranoia-laced feel to the lyrics, feeding into the claustrophobic-in-your-own-head subject matter.

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