frankles free fridays | Coachella Edition I

It’s the month leading up to Coachella, so I’ll be featuring music exclusively, loosely from performers set to take on the sweaty masses in Indio leading up to game time.

Hit play, lay back and let the warm sounds of Dolly Parton’s tortured vocals on Jolene. Todd Terje treated this remix with a deft, but careful touch that modernizes the classic without stripping or trivializing the original. The drums come of as a little peppy, but when paired with the guitar loop, he manages to represent the hope that Dolly’s words won’t be in vain, and honestly in a way that wasn’t present in the original.

Never have I ever heard Philip Glass butted up against (pun intended) the Butthole Surfers in a mix before. Nor have I heard either in any mix, outside of my own mixtapes in high school. Guy Gerber mixed the two together in such a way that sounded like they belonged that way all along. The remainder of his Mixfluence for B. Traits Radio 1 playlist is just as eccentric, and blended as aptly as the kickoff.

What is it about Notorious BIG that makes producers want to mash his music together, and album at a time, with another (usually indie) artist? Wait What combined Biggie with the xx’s self-titled album, Jaymee Franchina and Jeremy Smith pitted Smalls against Flume’s self-titled debut, this isn’t even Terry Urban‘s first go at the game. He already combined the late rapper with Lana Del Ray.

This time around, he’s worked in FKA Twigs into a project dubbed, “FKA Biggie,” and it’s more of the same. Fortunately, the same means legitimate production, with about a 60% Biggie, 40% Something Else ratio. Wait, that’s not actually a ratio. Make that a 3:2 ratio, in favor of Biggie. Just as it should be. The download is available through his Instagram page.


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