frankles free fridays | Coachella Edition II

Starting about a year and a half ago, Zeds Dead took their music in a different direction, away from the dreaded, nefarious whomp-whomp of dub-step and graduated into the magical splendor of house. And now, apparently, trop-house in their mix for Pete Tong. Highlights include the kick-off track, their collab with Oliver Heldens, as well as the standout track off “Lost You” (available as a bundle through Bittorrent) with Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy.

Full disclosure: I got a little sick of the Blues-Step Gramatik coined and then dived into for about three albums. I appreciate it, but the novelty wore off fairly quick for me. I almost skipped over the playlist he put together on SoundCloud called “Coffee House Selection.” This is a much more subdued, melodic version of Gramatik, who pieced together old and new songs to quote, “…create a perfect soundtrack for your wake n’ bake days.” You can almost see the heat rising off all the tents in the campground at Coachella.

Keys N Krates are a bit of a bipolar audio experience. They can have the sweetest, lightest melodic followed up by a raging mess of synth-mashing and heavy percussion, then drop back into whooshing atmospherics. It’s not out of the ordinary to go through that kind of jarring movement every couple songs in their mixes.

Not necessarily so in their remix, or ‘flip’ of Tove Lo‘s “Habits” into their own creation, “ALL THE TIME.” For a sample of their erratic, but addictive mixes, check their mix for Plastician on RinseFM. (Technically the 5th free download this week. You’re welcome.)


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