frankles free fridays | Coachella Edition III

Lane 8‘s quarterly, seasonally-themed mix came out just in time for the Do-Lab’s lineup announcement. His aptly-titled “Spring 2015 Mixtape” is a delightful 2 hours of upbeat house and deep house. I haven’t been able to find a tracklisting yet, but maybe a little mystery is a good thing.

More Lane 8 Mixes:

Do you remember the deluge of Zhu remixes last year? Did anybody keep a count of the number of remixes of “Faded,” or did everybody else also just set the number to infinity?

This’ year’s Zhu is Odesza. Between “Say My Name” and “All We Need,” I think Clint and Harrison have provided gainful employment for the majority of available producers. Although, I think Lane 8 is the only one to remix “Bloom.” They’re not all take, either. The duo seem to remix as much as they’re remixed. They have an uncanny ability to “Odeszafy” other people’s music, making a new, comfortable bed of sounds for the likes of Sia to lie in. They should not be missed on the Polo Fields.

Record label Ghostly International puts together an annual sampler of artists on their label set to release music in the coming year. For free. In their version from two years ago, “Ghostly 2013 Selected,” they included tracks by Coachella 2015 performers Tycho. Click the spooky artwork below to download the compilation for free through Amazon.

Since then, it looks like they’ve teamed up with Adult Swim to release subsequent compilations, including the likes of Run the Jewels and Mac Demarco, which you can download from the Adult Swim site here and here.

Ghostly 2013 Selected

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