Sunday Sounds: Fancy

To say this past week was a challenge is putting it lightly. The health and well-being of my four-legged friend of fourteen years diminished sharply, and I wound up having to put her down. That is an experience I do not wish on anybody, friend or enemy or otherwise.

Music choices become a little more difficult in times like this. Sad songs are way too sad, happy songs are obnoxious and trite…it’s kind of like trying to get dressed right out of the shower. Nothing fits, even though it’s supposed to.

Odesza was kind enough to release a new “No Sleep” mix, but I found no respite in their playlist. I sifted through page after page of my SoundCloud and Hype Machine feeds, Spotify playlists, and everywhere else I could think to check. It seemed hopeless, until I found the playlist I’d started putting together the day we had to put my dog down. That was the same day I wrote a eulogy for my dog, because I knew it would have been futile to try and write it afterward. In between paragraphs, it seems, I added a few songs to a playlist called, “Girl Fancy,” named after my dog, Fancy. I have a plan for a more extensive post of the various genres and important songs throughout her lifetime, (also, she had her own MySpace page some years ago…) but for now, take a listen to the playlist below.

This Sunday, treasure your loved ones, and do everything you can to try and show your dog that you’re as into her as she is into you. You won’t be able to, but she’ll definitely appreciate the effort.

One thought on “Sunday Sounds: Fancy

  1. Ben, so sorry to hear about you doggy. After all the animals I’ve lost, I can empathize with you totally. I’m sure she knew how much you loved her. Remember the fun and loving times you had together. Last Sunday, I lost my darling Linus who was also 14 years old, and no music could cure my ache either. I just turned everything off and read a book instead. Knowing that they will always be in our hearts will have to do. Love and miss ya, Suzi

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