frankles free fridays

Sure, most people know who Jamie xx is, or at the very least, they know of the xx. But many more people may not know about Mike Simonetti. For those of you that fall into the “Mike who?” camp, you’re about to get a healthy education. Mike is a serial label-founder (Troubleman Unlimited, then Italians Do It Better, now 2MR or 2 Mikes Records) with a finger firmly on the pulse of the music world. Take a nice, extended three and a half hour journey with Jamie and Mike as they trade off every two songs and journey through a lot of interesting territory.

Ferreck Dawn decided to start himself a podcast. It’s unclear whether the new series courtesy of the deep house producer best known for “Love Too Deep” will be titled, “From Deep Til Dawn,” or if he’ll be creating a new punny title for each month’s incarnation. What is clear is that he’s a talented producer in a large pool of available talent, and I think he does a fine job of distinguishing himself from the rest of the noise.

Lana Del Ray‘s in love with the Coco. Baking soda, Lana’s got baking soda. This trop-house remix by Tep Mo borders on easy listening with its drowsy sax no doubt meant to echo Lana’s sex-oozing vocal style and bongo/conga accent percussion backing. It may not be my favorite, but I do have a soft spot for Lana remixes.

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