frankles free fridays

LA-based producer Le Youth received a downbeat, but still peppy remix treatment from jackLNDN. The song is roughly one half original, and one half new material drawn from the original. Thankfully, within that half of the original material are the sampled vocals of Mary J. Blige, driving the disco and the heart of the song forward. It’s bliss. Who is JAW, you ask? Aside from the owner of the peculiar site, he’s also a singer-songwriter from France who’s been on quite a tear of releases lately. With sex-oozing vocals, and a falsetto tendency, it’s not a leap to compare him to Portland-based vocalist Shy Girls, who’s been busy in much the same way. Claude VonStroke creates a perfect, unusually subdued and moody bed for his vocals to lay on. Also, that URL? That’s JAW’s phone number. Yes, seriously. Call him up and tell him what you think of his track, or his photos that act as the site’s constantly changing background. Autograf put a really solid mix together for Northern Nights Music Festival. It’s a quick 37 minutes, but it’s solid. They tend to diverge and wander in past mixes, pushing their selections beyond the limits of cohesion, which can sound like listless wandering instead of a journey. It may be a short journey, but this is like the walk back to your hotel on the beach, when the sky is just starting to brighten. It’s a winding down that you really look forward to. Check the tracklist here.

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