frankles free fridays

First up is what I feel is a long-overdue mix by Royal he put together for Nest HQ, fresh off the release of his work as one half of SoySauce on their”Lunch Money” EP. The majority of 30-minute mix is sadly devoid of Royal, filled instead with a heavy dose of hip-hop, house and downtempo tracks. It’s peculiar, because his work as Royal is good enough to put up against a lot of the tracks he chose, but by the time he finally gets around to dropping ‘Round Two,’ sounds a little alien and out of place.

Along the same lines, Hotel Garuda have a Royal remix in the clip, waiting for the right time to unleash whatever beast they’ve cooked up to the masses. In the meantime, we have this mix commissioned by Too Future last month, which showcases their brilliant remix work, as well as their curating abilities in their inclusion of jackLNDN, Giraffage, and Zhu. It’s a sweet and easy mix that will make you wonder how 47 minutes passed by so quickly once you hit the end. No worries, it’s not faux pas to hit repeat.

Stromae has a very particular trilly, delicate, and somehow wall-of-sound style of music. His voice is pretty distinct as well, and if you’ve ever seen live footage of his performances, you’ll see all of those qualities present in his stage show. Major Lazer took a turn with Ave Cesaria and, unsurprisingly, converted into a dancehall anthem. If this doesn’t make you get off your ass and dance, then you might be broken.


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