frankles free fridays

If you’ve thoroughly worn out last year’s epic “In Return,” but you’ve still got the Odesza bug,  head to their site and download their 2012 debut, “Summer’s Gone” for free. It may not be as refined, but it has a lot of the same irregular rhythms and incredible sampler usage and sound manipulation that creates a sound all their own. They even provide a little walk-through on Intro, a little “How to Odesza,” if you will.

Emancipator pushed out a live album, featuring the work of Doug Appling as told by his four-person ensemble on “Live in Athens.” Georgia, not Greece, if you were wondering. The tracklist reads like a kind of “Best of Emancipator,” especially ‘Dusk to Dawn’ and the album closer, ‘Minor Cause.’ Great for: staring at your shoes, housecleaning, philosophizing, writing a letter to mom.

Shifting the tempo up, and at times way up is Mt. Eden’s contribution to Thump’s MIXED by series. It gets pretty dirty and dubby in parts, but overall it’s a solid bunch of remixes, a new original song with Blackmill, and they top it off like a peculiar cherry with a cover of The Pixies’ “Where is my Mind?”

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