Sunday Sounds: Lane 8 | Rise

I was originally planning on reviewing the new Chemical Brothers LP for today’s Sunday Sounds, but when I woke up today, all I wanted to hear was Lane 8’s new album, “Rise,” one more time.

The above was written last Sunday morning, when I attempted and ultimately fell short of writing about all of the glory that is Lane 8’s new album, ‘Rise.’ The day simply got away from me, though Lane 8 continued to provide the soundtrack for my day, burning through ‘Rise’ from start to finish several times.

A darling of the guys in Above and Beyond, the American-born producer residing in Germany creates an atmospheric and emotional, but not cheesy form of pop electronica. It’s laid back, it’s easy, and it’s beautiful throughout.

“Diamonds” isn’t quite the first and last song, but it serves as a kind of emotional bookend. The lyrics, as delivered by Solomon Grey, are not extensive or overly complicated, but sometimes that’s is exactly what you need.

The rhythms throughout ‘Rise’ are even and measured and heartfelt, and it’s no wonder he’s become a darling of the guys of Above & Beyond, as well as Odesza and collaborator Matthew Dear, who lent his talents as Audion to a remix of “Ghost,” as well as his own to the incredible, improves-with-each-listen “Undercover.” It’s gorgeous, and it’s an slow, steady endorphin rush every time.

This Sunday, do whatever you’re going to do, go to the lake, go on a walk with your dog, garden, lay in a hammock, take a drive, do whatever you were going to do. Just make sure to take Lane 8 along with you.

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