Sunday Sounds | DeVotchKa

It takes about the same amount of time to explain to somebody the name of the band DeVotchKa as it does to describe their sound.

“Sort of eastern european kind of gypsy folk, infused with a little indie pop, and I guess a touch of Klezmer, maybe?” That was my feeble attempt from this morning in attempting the second feat. The first, I just repeated, slower and louder each time until my friend Luke said it the same way I did. DeVotchKa is a Russian word, so I guess I just figured I’d take the approach of ignorantly trying to speak with somebody who doesn’t know your language. Not angry, mind you, just loud.

For the record, it means ‘girl’ in Russian, and the band named after a Russian girl is comprised of three men and one lady, and are oddly not based out of somewhere in the Eastern Bloc, but actually Denver, Colorado. Square in the middle of the American west. Perhaps a good explanation for the difficult in sorting them into a genre is due to the fact that each member of the band plays more than one instrument, and in the case of the singer, Nick Urate, up to five.

Sadly, DeVotchKa’s last release was an Olympic cycle ago, and after a touring cycle or two have been all but mute. Given each of their musical breadths and abilities, it reasons to believe that they’re busy with side projects, or scoring films, or any number of venues for their talents.

This Sunday, go out of the ordinary, think outside of the box, go down the road less traveled, and if you happen to stumble onto DeVotchKa, please tell them that they’re sorely missed, and ask them to come back.

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