frankles free fridays

First up we have Four Tet‘s two-hour contribution to Marcel Dettman’s Dekmantel podcast. If you’ve listened to Four Tet before, you’ll already know to expect a wide range of music, from “world music” to house to techno to god, who really knows where some of his stuff comes from. He’s a question mark, but he’s fun. And if you get to a point where you don’t like what’s on (like the first 2-3 minutes, for example), you won’t have to wait long for it to change. But man, when Kieran Hebden is on, he is so spot on.

Then we have Goldroom‘s “Verano Mix 2015,” acknowledging and accepting the end of summer, unlike some people like myself who are walking around chanting a mantra of weather denial. It’s a great mix of upbeat house, nu disco, and other songs that will help let you down easy off the all too brief summer high. You’ll hear Moon Boots, Lane 8, and not to worry, Rufus Du Sol’s “You Were Right” makes an appearance. I’m pretty sure that song is on about 90% of mixes from July/August, and for good reason.

I’m sure (and I hope) he’ll get around to posting mixes, but at this point I’ll take a steady stream of serial releases from Headphone Activist. Especially if the marked shift to melodic downtempo continues, which starting with his previous (and amazing) “Ocean Floors,” and continuing below on “Silent Flo.”

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