frankles free fridays

The music of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or TEED, could be described as dance music with just the right amount of sadness. But that might be hard to tell based on his two-hour mix for Rinse FM’s podcast. He covers a lot of ground in terms of genre’s, but hovers in a sweet spot of house for the majority. Great for house parties, or for the one-person housecleaning parties the day after. He also gets an assist from Artwork for a few songs in the second hour.

If I had to come up with a one-word summary of Hotel Garuda‘s remix of “All Out” by Anna Lunoe, that word would be, “sublime.” It bears all rhythmically woozy thumbprints of Hotel Garuda, and maintains (and even improves) the in-your-face sexiness of the original.

jackLNDN is having a very popular and productive year, which is something I like to think I predicted late last year when I posted “Don’t Forget” as part of another FFF. Then, he helped to shape my incredible experience at Electric Forest in June, and aided in defining the magic that is the Silent Disco. His Too Future mix for Run The Trap further illustrates why that popularity is so deserved.

The bonus track this week is another remix from Hotel Garuda, this time of Chromeo‘s “Jealous Again.” Why, you may ask yourself, would I put in the extra effort to find free music for people? Am I just that nice of a guy? Yes, but also no. I was on assignment in Chicago last weekend for ElectroJams, covering North Coast, and snapped quite a few pics of the duo, and in all honesty, I just want to show off.

Links to North Coast album:


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