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Sessions is a midweek dance night at a place called The Mint Club in Leeds, and Isaac Tischauer with his vowels pitched in to help kick off their new weekly podcase, aptly titled “Sessions Stream.” Former Sessions alum include Benoit & Sergio and Huxley, so it seems much of the hype about their dance nights is well warranted. The mix is darker and rhythmic, good for dancing in low lighting, or at least, with your eyes very nearly closed.

A couple months ago, one of the trio from Autograf announced they started a new visual art piece tentatively titled, “Running.” Shortly after, they followed up with a notice that it was time to start over on the visual art piece, and hinted at a possible new original song to accompany Running 2.0. Well, it looks like they accomplished both, and well, I might add.

Finally, a download pack full of goodies courtesy of CRSSD Fest out of San Diego and WeTransfer out of, well, the Internet. There’s a selection of tunes from their impressive lineup, including Justin Jay, Big Data, and an atrocious remix of Will Smith’s “Miami” by Matoma. I guess he didn’t feel it was appropriate to stop at “Wild, Wild West.” Something about his jazzy trop-house treatments that feel an awful lot like gentrification in my ear-holes.

Find the download pack by clicking below:
Screenshot 2015-09-25 18.50.56


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