frankles free fridays

New rule: If jackLNDN posts anything for free download, for example, his mix for Deep House London, it will wind up here on a subsequent Friday. I probably didn’t need to say that, given the five or so FFF’s with Jack’s name on them, but there it is all the same. His newest mix covers a lot more ground than his past mixes, and gets deliciously dark and primal at just the right time in just the right dosages.

If you favor the idea of the combination of ambient music for space exploration coupled with ambient music for deep-sea diving, then you’ll want to strap on your best cans for Headphone Activist‘s mix for Too Future. What does that even mean, you ask? You’ll just have to hear for yourself. Head to Run the Trap for the download and tracklist.

Closing out this Friday is the French duo Benoit & Sergio with a track they first debuted some four years ago at a Movement after-party in Detroit. A party thrown by Seth Troxler in the backyard of a VFW bar. They’ve played the song since, dropping it here and there in their live sets, but for whatever reason, they withheld any kind of official release. Shazam after Shazam ended in the dreaded “I dunno” question mark, until late last month when they dropped “Rev 909” through XLR8R. It’s a simple, but incredibly addictive walking song. Walking with a little swagger, maybe a little shimmy, and a lot of head nodding.


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