frankles free fridays

If you’ve ever seen RL Grime play live, and wondered at what point you completely lost your mind, it was probably the moment he dropped the Djemba Djemba remix of Banks’ “Fall Over.” The swooning, dark ballad receives an injection of trap, and seems to make good on the self-destructive threats of the original. Now, if only Banks would start playing this version live, too…

This is one half of Mt Eden as Mr Eden mashing up Kanye West and  Spooky Black into a haunting, brooding song dubbed, “Runaway Without You.” That was such a mouthful that I don’t really know what else to say about this, except that you should listen to it, and then probably download it.

NYC producer and remix extraordinaire Gryffin broke some exciting news this week, that he’s completed his development of his live show and will be hitting the road for a three-stop mini tour in California and, unsurprisingly, him hometown. He wants you to find his newest playlist, the Flight Log #2 Winter Solstice Mix, like a cozy complement to sitting by a fire with hot chocolate with those ridiculous little marshmallows. Kind of specific, but just roll with it, he knows what he’s doing.

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