frankles free fridays

Sam “Feel Good Feels” Feldt has a radio show! Also known as a podcast. Also, I just made up that nickname. His music is always just so pleasant, not unlike pool water kept at an ideal and comfortable temperature, to the point where you can almost overlook the fact that you’re in water at all. It’s like you’re happy with where you’re at, but you don’t realize why. It’s because of that radio show/podcast you’ve got playing.

Second up is one of those happy SoundCloud accidents, where you’re endlessly scrolling through one collective or another re-posting their friend’s new remix, and that publication that releases and album of 23 songs and then each indiviual track, and you’re just about to close the fucking window, and you find a little treasure sitting there. My treasure was a mix celebrating 500,000 subscribers to Selected, a Berlin-based deep house-focused blog. That’s a hell of a benchmark. Congrats, gentlemen and ladies. That kind of audience is not earned easily or quickly or without abundant work. Enjoy their gift of 55 minutes of deep house goodness. 

If you ever need an anthem to announce your entrance that will inevitably lead up to your drop-the-mic pinnacle, look no further than the cover/remix of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win” by Prince Fox, with help from the absurdly named, but beautifully-voiced MOONZz. The remix smooths over a lot of the rough edges of the original to cast a wider net of epicness that makes everybody in earshot feel like a million bucks.

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