frankles free fridays

Kicking off this week’s trio of free music downloads is a brand, spankin new track from Big Gigantic, the sax-centric electronic duo out of Boulder. I first saw Big G play at Electric Forest 2011, and I’m not gonna lie, I don’t remember a whole lot of details from that show, except that there was a lot of red and smiling and dancing. I was surrounded by happiness, and thankfully, much of that transferred when I listened to their music in the ensuing days and weeks. But as time wore on, the group’s sound changed, adding in more heavy, grinding, and dark synths that bordered dangerously on dub-step, aka the lazy-man’s genre. My interest waned accordingly.

This past week, I saw they’d dropped a new song featuring a guest vocal, which I feel is a component of some of their best work. This song is no exception. Angela McCluskey’s smoky soul vocals pair perfectly with the crooning sax, bouncing percussion and flutters of horn section. The proportions are all on point. I wrote more about this song and upcoming tour on ElectroJams.

I haven’t dug into Jason Burns’ information enough to make an informed guess, but I have this sneaking suspicion that he has an allergy to festivals. He’d make a perfect addition to Do Lab at Coachella, or at any point in any location at Electric Forest. Maybe he’s building up a solid catalog before pushing on a strong tour effort.

And build he has. In his most recent release (at the time of writing, he actually just released ‘Home’ on SoundCloud…), he enlists the vocal talents of Erica Dee and creates a rich dub fabric for her to sing against. It’s somehow peppy and subdued at the same time, and infectiously danceable. Here’s to hoping 2016 produces a hypoallergenic solution for live musicians.

Rounding out the picks is more dub, in this time a versioning of Sister Sledge’s disco-drenched “Lost in Music.” The dub sees a cleaned up and brought-forward bass-line, but the horns and Nile Rodgers’ scratching guitar firmly intact. It’s a pretty perfect Friday song, like a concentrated ray of sunshine and happiness, also known as summer. Enjoy.

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