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I’m not entirely sure if this is a legally-distributed record, but I’m posting it anyway because the awesomeness of it is overruling my desire to confirm its legality.

This is Dubfire’s performance from the strange and incredible Resistance “stage” at Ultra last weekend. I used dick fingers around the word stage because it was more of a perch, strapped to the belly of a robot mantis thing. It had eyes that continually scanned the crowd, and held in its producer pouch some of the great names of techno and house right now.

I can’t go more than about four clicks in any direction online without running into Drake or Rihanna, but add in a couple collaborations, and the rate goes down to two clicks at best. In the case of the Gamper and Dadoni remix of “Take Care,” I’m glad that’s all it took. Gamper and Dadoni are a house-producing duo out of Hamburg, Germany making a lot of noise around their remixes of Claptone and Jack U. Even Kygo got in on the action, including them in his recent Ultra set. I think the best part of this song is the interplay with the Jamie xx sample, along with the attempts by the Drizzy and Rih-Rih to emulate the beginning stages of a relationship by two part-time teenage mall employees.

Last up, why not another set from Ultra? This time it’s an absolutely legit download of Kaskade’s headlining set, where he proudly boasts of the long road he’s taken to get to that spot, noting his start four years previous was in the parking lot outside of the venue.

I’m not gonna lie, there’s a part somewhere around the 40-minute mark that gets dangerously close to dub-step, which is a terrible place for Kaskade to go, but he makes up for it by launching into a back to back remixes of Missy Elliot and then Miike Snow’s “Genghis Khan.” It’s a definite high point, and you can practically feel the frenzy of the crowd.



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