2017 Festival Wishlist

2017 Festival Wishlist

I’ve been a consistent festival attendee since 2011, logging a yearly visit to Coachella, Electric Forest, and Summer Set. I also found myself at North Coast, Hard Day of the Dead, Lights All Night, Soundtown, Mamby on the Beach, Freaky Deaky, and a few others.

In that time, I’ve learned to love the anticipation that accompanies the winter time roll-out of festival lineup releases and finding the names of people I haven’t seen live yet. Like many people, I keep an (almost entirely mental) running list of people I want to see. In just the last year, I checked off a bunch of names from that list, like St. Germain, Rufus du Sol, Underworld, and many more.

Still, there are names missing from lineups year over year. At least I’m missing them. Instead of hoping or suffering for that to change, I thought I’d get a few names out there in case the booking agents and talent acquisition folks behind US festivals just may not have heard of these people. There’s already so much overlap with lineups that they wind up feeling pretty homogenous from one to another, or even from one year to the next.

(I also realize this is typically my free downloads/Frankles Free Fridays post, and you should know that about half of the tracks and mixes in playlist below can be yours at no cost, you just have to go to the individual track pages to do so.)

So please, PLEASE take a listen and let’s expand the pool of festival performers.

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