All of the Things: Odesza

Odesza at Electric Forest 2015

“Imagine for a moment that interstellar travel was not only possible, but widely accessible, and you could take a couple days off to explore distant planets. You’d try to find the most beautiful one, right? (Well, after you found the one most resembling Tatooine with it’s double sunsets.) If you found one that was composed of reds, pinks and purples instead of the greens, blues and browns of Earth, which supported vast forms of life and remained unspoiled by settlement or civilization.

Still with me? Seattle duo Odesza’s new album would be the soundtrack to that surreal, unsullied world. It’s a beautiful place that they’ve created, and one of the few times I go back and hit play immediately once the last song ends. That experience transfers perfectly to a live setting.” -2014 Hard Day of the Dead Preview on ElectroJams


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