Frankles Monthly Mix #3

Monthly Mix

It’s time for a new series of posts on Frankles where I share my running monthly-ish playlists that I build on Spotify (and sometimes SoundCloud) as I find predominantly new music.

If you take a look through my profile on either service, you’ll see groups of similarly named playlists. You can see a complete list of 2016 playlists here. For 2017, I’ve opted for a roman numeral(dot) element format, as below for my III. Carbon mix. As cool as it would be, they are not themed (consciously, anyway) so there’s not going to be a central idea or anything that ties them together, just what strikes me at the time.

One of the things I always loved about mix tapes was that the group of songs wound up representing a specific time in my life, and listening to those tapes years later pulls up all the feelings and memories about what was going on in my life in that period. So I figured it would be good to routinely pull songs together and continue that tradition. I’ve been doing these since 2014, and it’s a really feeling to go back through these lists from time to time and get that same kind of nostalgia.

III. Carbon

Frankles on SoundCloud

frankles' SoundCloud

Frankles on Spotify

Frankles on Spotify

More 2017 Playlists:

I. Argon

II. Boron


III. Carbon




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