Juiced Monday Dance Party

I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Big Wild for including Adam Vida‘s “I’m Juiced” in one of his playlists on Spotify. Without him, I wouldn’t have this strangely infectious, potently motivational track to get me through a shitty, inundated by minutia Monday morning. If you’re familiar with Mr. Carmack, this kind of production should come as no surprise, and if you’re new to Carmack’s world, this is a fine introduction.

A word of warning before you hit the play button below: try to be or get somewhere you can dance, and bring a friend or two while you’re at it. Or that uptight, quiet coworker who looks like he could use a little break. I played DJ for my camp last, last weekend at Coachella, and this was one of two songs that got everybody up and moving and doing that thing where people excitedly volume-match with their excitement levels, which keep going up due to everybody else volume-matching in their conversations, so pretty soon everybody is yelling and clapping each other on the back as they bop from foot to foot.

Sure, this song came out in October 2016, but I think it’s going to be a steadily growing fire that will ultimately push the track into a “song of the summer” contender. Just add summer. Listen to the track below through Adam’s Bandcamp, or take a stroll through my recent ‘III. Carbon’ playlist on Spotify.

The other song was “House Work,” if you’re wondering.

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