Frankles Monthly Mix #4


Last month, I traveled over a thousand miles to an extensive series of grass fields in the middle of the California desert, maintained in large part for a game played on horseback to see as many of the 120 acts over the course of three days that my body would physically allow…doesn’t Coachella sound even more absurd on paper? It does, but I suppose that’s at least a small reason for my attendance.  A more significant reason is to see performances that I never get the chance to see in my mostly flyover city of Minneapolis.

One such example is Hot Since 82, a UK-based techno lord who hovers mostly around the island of Ibiza. I ditched out on the big Gaga spectacle and headed for the cool, dark confines of a tent called Yuma with a series of disco balls down the middle of the tent. His set was incredible, and there were two perfect moments in his meager hour and a half set. First, a song I didn’t recognize, and second a remix near the end of his set of Joe Goddard’s ‘Music is the Answer.’ The latter is a pretty perfect remix of a pretty perfect instant-classic house track, but that first song stuck with me. Imagine my excitement last week when I played a preview of HS82’s new release, ‘Evolve or Die’ and found it was my missing piece. I feel elated with every listen.

You may also notice a faux pax in the tracklist, and that is 100% intentional. The song is that good.

This is also a playlist of surprises, from the unexpected (ly good) combination of Sasha and Polica to the dirty electro of Benny Benassi with Chris Nasty (I have no idea who that is, but Benny has an eye for talent (when it isn’t Chris Brown, because fuck that guy)), to the playful nod to Wes Anderson by Moon Boots. Moon Boots just keeps getting better and better with each release. Maybe there’s something in the water at Anjunadeep?

The other solid standout track is ‘Wolf Country’ by Durante. The vocal sample alone is worth a listen, but the pairing with a classic house sound is just perfect.

Also, Big Boi’s ‘Kill Jill’ is bangin. I’m a white boy from the suburbs in Minnesota, so that word does not come naturally, but I’ve seen it used enough to recognize that this is appropriate usage. Hell, all the songs are good. Just hit shuffle and repeat.

Fancy Spotify Code

So this is new. Spotify announced a new method for sharing their content last week. If you tap the search icon/magnifying glass in the Spotify app, there should be a little camera icon next to the search bar. Hit that, and you can scan the code below and go straight to the playlist. (Alternately, you can just tap the picture or just scroll down to playlist below and accomplish the same thing. But I value novelty, so I’m including it.)


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