2018 Playlist Retrospective


I keep a running playlist where I add all of the new music I come across that I dig. I should add that “new music” usually means new releases, but it also extends to newly discovered music (to me) or tracks that I feel a particularly strong pull to at the time. Just in case you’re wondering why I have a song off Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works Vol. 1 along with a bunch of April/May 2018 releases.

Best of 2018

2018.12 Cimeter

2018.11 Breaking

2018.10 Steak

2018.9 – Bread

2018.8 – Cleaver

2018.7 – Pocket

2018.6 – Boning

2018.5 – Paring

2018.4 Butterfly

2018.3 Santoku

2018.2 Ginsu

2018.1 Bowie


2017 – Elements

2016 – this & that

2015 – Eras

2014 – Them’s

YouTube Playlist

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