Currently Listening Playlists

For the past few years, I’ve kept a running monthly playlist of mostly new music discoveries, as well as the odd track regurgitated from my past or perhaps something I missed. Once I hit a certain track count (usually 20) or about a month’s time, I started a new playlist.

That worked for a while, but I felt like in terms of pushing it out to the world, that it created a lot more work for me, and could actually make things harder to track, so I’ve decided to switch it up.

Instead of creating a new playlist and adding to that, I created one that will always be current. I haven’t decided what to do once I hit 20 tracks, though. I’m considering pushing them all to single 2019 playlist, or I could go the small batch method and create a monthly archive playlist. I’m not looking for answers and honestly, I don’t think it really matters, except that it will be easier to see what I’m listening to right now. Much easier than it has been. We’ll see how it goes this year.

I’ll paste the link below, but it will also be available in the menu bar along the top under Latest Playlists and of course on my Spotify profile under the username franklayne.

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