CD Players Turn 28

  The (consumer) CD player turns 28 today! The original poster I’m reblogging this from asks if iPods will be around for 28 years as well. I say no. Particularly in consumer goods, the time between revolutions (get it? it works in talking about lp’s and tapes and cd’s because they all run in circles. … Continue reading CD Players Turn 28



Booty: Another word for pirate treasure. 1. Ratatat - Mirando 2. Dosh - The Magic Stick 3. Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook 4. Hercules and Love Affair - Blind 5. Beck - Gamma Ray 6. N.E.R.D. - Spaz 7. The Cool Kids - 88 8. The Heavy - Colleen 9. The Hold Steady - Stay Positive … Continue reading Booty

By Air

Part II. I'm definitely not as happy with this one. It doesn't feel refined enough. Too rough. Too many maybe songs....potential throwaways. I might cinch it up at some point, take out the throwaways and just have a happier, shorter mix. An edit. Tracklist: Busdriver - Yes Get Up Nobody - Wake Up and Smell … Continue reading By Air

By Ground

I made a cd. I have Laserscribe software that allows me to burn labels as well. These cd's were/are initially intended for Steve, whose room I used to sit in, on an awkwardly smallish wooden chair, stare through the smoke at carpet listening to music. It was like we were studying for something and had … Continue reading By Ground