Sia at Coachella 2016

I’ve written about growing up in the suburbs of Minnesota, dreaming of one day living an eventful life in a place where things actually happen. Living in the suburbs was like living in a terrarium, and I felt like a trapped lizard, wondering what real life is like. As a reaction to the constant boredom … Continue reading Sia at Coachella 2016


Sylvan Esso at First Avenue, Minneapolis

I'm tempted to review this show in a single sentence, then apologize because I have to pay by the word. But I won't, because I'm not a jerk and more importantly, because Sylvan Esso is amazing and they deserve better. If you don't know them, Sylvan Esso is an electropop duo, consisting of singer Amelia … Continue reading Sylvan Esso at First Avenue, Minneapolis

Live at Coachella: Disclosure

Sundays at Coachella are bittersweet.  On one hand, your body is beginning to feel the effects of festival life.  On the other hand, most attendees don’t show up just to have a seat in the back, sip water and then go back to camp for a bite of trail mix and an early bedtime.  People … Continue reading Live at Coachella: Disclosure

Live at Coachella: Galantis

I cannot stress the importance nor the weirdness of the fact that Galantis' Weekend 1 performance was their first ever live performance.  Their first release, Galantis EP had been released a scant eleven days earlier.  In short, their inclusion in the line-up was a gamble on the festival organizer's part.  Sure, they've both toured and … Continue reading Live at Coachella: Galantis

Like Kids in a Candy Store: Coachella

Attending Coachella Music and Arts Festival is like being transported onto the set of a movie designed by Dr. Suess with a script written by Hunter S. Thompson.  Here, more than anywhere else, I continually asking myself if this is all real.  Sure it is, but only for a few days in April. If you … Continue reading Like Kids in a Candy Store: Coachella

Live at Coachella: Flume

In music, Flume is poised, confident and even has a touch of swagger.  When his music plays, these qualities transfer to this listener.  Whether on headphones or blasting from a car, it's hard not to feel like you know better, or like you're in on some kind of secret when Flume is playing. If Flume … Continue reading Live at Coachella: Flume

Review: Prince at Paisley Park

I feel like now is a good time to come clean with my dirty little Minnesotan secret: Before last night, I'd never seen Prince perform live.  I've been going to concerts for over twenty years, I've loved Prince just as long and I've lived all but a few months in Minnesota.  Plenty long enough to … Continue reading Review: Prince at Paisley Park

Sunday Sounds: First Aid Kit

I'm sure I'd heard this song before I saw it performed live, but seeing First Aid Kit perform "Emmylou" live at Coachella in 2012 was where I was able to connect with the song.  That's where it hit me. The power of the girls' harmonies is undeniable.  They capture perfectly the innocence and simplicity of … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: First Aid Kit

The Bifurcation of Coachella

It's been a while since I've been back.  About two weeks now and I consider reporting on an event two weeks later to be, at the very least, a while.  It's taken me a while to figure out what to say about it. The timely thing to do would have been to write most of … Continue reading The Bifurcation of Coachella

The Big Pink

My new roommate asked me last night if I'd heard of The Big Pink, and I told him yes. He asked if they were any good, and I told him that yeah, they're pretty good. Most people I know love the song Domino and the rest of their music I've heard hasn't disappointed. "Are they … Continue reading The Big Pink