Frankles Monthly Mix #9 – Lithium

Welcome to Lithium (Chapter 9) The playlists might be monthly, mostly, but the same cannot be said for posting them here. I even wound up running out of chemicals with a suffix of -on, so I had to figure out how to end the year while staying on/around the periodic table. If you’re looking for what you missed since my last “monthly mix” post in … Continue reading Frankles Monthly Mix #9 – Lithium

Sunday Sounds: Above & Beyond

The electronic music world is often accused much more than it is guilty of producing music that disconnects people, either the producer or the listener, from the human heart and soul easily accessible in more traditional music. “They’re not playing any instruments.” “They’re not even doing anything.” “That’s not their song.” The list goes on, but of course, the list makers have it all wrong. … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Above & Beyond

frankles free fridays

First up this week is German electronic duo Digitalism with a new track, Fahrenheit 32.  It’s a “farewell for now” kind of post, as well as a promise and preview of things to come.  I’m happy to see the duo join the growing ranks of artists in the early 90’s house revival movement.  The vocal samples, the hard-hitting, simple beat drive the listener through six+ … Continue reading frankles free fridays