Sunday Sounds: Awaken, My Love

When I first heard Childish Gambino, I didn’t know the guy performing was also the guy who played Troy on Community, Donald Glover. Even after I learned that they were the same person when I saw Donald Glover in cutoff jorts belting out “Heartbeat” on the mainstage at Coachella, it was difficult to reconcile these two very different personas. Eventually, I got used to it. … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Awaken, My Love

Sunday Sounds: Dreaming In Colour with Jamie xx

In an interview ahead of the xx’s sophomore album Coexist, Jamie xx said it would be a dance-inspired album, and I thought, “Finally!” But when I heard it, I spent the 40-minute length of the record waiting in vain for the breakdown. There’s so much restraint, and much of the record is spent hovering in an area that feels on the brink of a breakdown, … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Dreaming In Colour with Jamie xx

Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Young & Sick is the dual visual and sound arts project from Nick Van Hofwegan, a Dutch living in LA.  Sonically, he sounds like a modern white version of Marvin Gaye and, similarly, seems to have made it his main goal to get people making babies.  Visually, (as I’ve stated before) he’s like a more intricate and abstract version of Keith Haring.  You would have … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

I tried.  I really tried to be objective while listening to the new Kings of Leon record, “Mechanical Bull.”  If it’s possible, I don’t know how, which either makes me lazy or unimaginative.  From the sounds of “Bull,” Kings of Leon were suffering the same symptoms. A good rock and roll record has a lot of analogies to a sports car.  It can be the … Continue reading Wretch: Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

Review: A Color Map of the Sun

Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty lights, seems like a lovable, stoned oaf in interviews.  He speaks intelligently about music and has a clear vision for what his music should sound like.  But then the footage of the studio sessions comes on and he just looks…off.  He is clearly in his own world, totally comfortable in that world, but it’s almost as if music … Continue reading Review: A Color Map of the Sun