Review: Arcade Fire | Reflektor

      A few thoughts from my initial listen of Arcade Fire's new album, Reflektor: This doesn't sound like Arcade Fire They still sound appropriately over-dramatic This. Album. Is. So. Long. No, it doesn't sound like other Arcade Fire albums.  They put the church they recorded up for sale after the roof collapsed.  Apparently … Continue reading Review: Arcade Fire | Reflektor


Tease: Arcade Fire

Do you ever think about dream records you would make if the universe aligned so you could get exactly what you want?  We must be living in somebody else's dream, because I wouldn't have necessarily thought to put Arcade Fire, James Murphy and David Bowie into the same room to record, but I'm really glad … Continue reading Tease: Arcade Fire

Tops of 2007

89.3 The Current recently (today) started tallying votes for the top 89 records of 2007, I shot through and started compiling my picks. I like being asked for my opinion, even if it is aimed at a large mass of people and not, specifically, me. It got my mind running and I decided to expand … Continue reading Tops of 2007