2016 II

Omissions and Otherwise Left-out Leftovers  |  last.fm data  |  Spotify data Okay, so in my 2016 post, it would seem that I glossed over or outright left out a lot of important parts of the year in music. It's as if I talked about the body, but not the heart. This was intentional, as I … Continue reading 2016 II


Best of 2014: Albums

This list is by no means definitive, as I can't listen to everything, as much as I like to try. I'm confident that there are five more albums out released in the past 12 months that would supplant one, if not all of the albums listed below. Maybe. But these are the albums I heard, and … Continue reading Best of 2014: Albums

frankles free fridays

"Hello, my name is Ben, and I'm a Bey-coholic." So, Porter Robinson released a new album last month, and it's really pretty, but also a little...abstract. There's a lot of feelings for a dance record. Like a range of feelings. Dance records tend to sit in one giant happy group hug for however long they … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

First up is a Pixies remix, which I don't see nearly enough of.  The vocals are unfortunately missing from this version by Mt. Eden, but it manages to attain the ideal balance in a remix, leaving enough of the song and parts intact enough to remain recognizable, and using those parts to create a fresh … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

The Weeknd gets in on the "Drunk in Love" action, shifting the perspective to male.  It's not going to improve on Beyonce's version because, well, please.  But it's good, everything's been muted, and Bey's "buoy-bay" got replaced by a standard "baby."  Unlike Diplo's version, The Weeknd's made his mix available for free.   He's little, … Continue reading frankles free fridays