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My good friend and all-around beacon of positive energy, Chris, is headed to Shambhala next weekend, where many such beacons have gone, and should go. He asked my advice on shows he should see at the festival in British Columbia, and at first I was flattered that he'd asked. After reviewing the line-up, and checking … Continue reading frankles free fridays


Best of 2014: Remixes, Etc

REMIXES This was a very difficult list to pare down. Remixes certainly didn't suffer any kind of shortage over the course of the year, and with each subsequent mind-bending remix, the previous one gets pushed back a little bit further from memory. Such was the case with Bonobo's Balearic treatment of Maya Jane Coles' … Continue reading Best of 2014: Remixes, Etc

Sunday Sounds: Odesza | In Return

Imagine for a moment that interstellar travel was not only possible, but widely accessible, and you could take a couple days off to explore distant planets. You'd try to find the most beautiful one, right? (Well, after you found the one most resembling Tatooine with it's double sunsets.) If you found one that was composed … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Odesza | In Return

frankles free fridays

If you haven't caught a Duke Dumont show, you are missing out. The next chance you get to see him play, make it a priority. In the meantime, fill your ears with the sweet sounds of house reminiscent of the 90's heyday of the genre. The past couple years have been a second coming of … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Rustie: Green Language

Sophomore albums are often a toss-up, especially for somebody so quickly met with as much success as Rustie, a break-out album followed by a landmark BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and even a summer mixtape for NPR. Green Language may be more subdued than Glass Swords, but it also feels more organized, somehow more deliberate. … Continue reading Rustie: Green Language

Sunday Sounds: Bonobo

To this day, whenever I hear the name Simon, I think of the Mike Myers SNL sketch of the naive, neglected boy in the bathtub who fills the gaps in his life (dead mother, absent father) with "drawerings."  Even when I heard that Bonobo's name is Simon Green, the melody from the SNL sketch I … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Bonobo

frankles free fridays

After a small hiatus, we're back with more new music!  It turns out a trip to Coachella will knock a person out of commission for a week or so.  I'll have to consider a fill-in for Electric Forest in June... Speaking of Coachella, the first selection today comes from Bonobo, who was billed as a … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

I love this song.  I love Bonobo.  I love Bonobo's remix of this song.  Thanks, Bonobo! It's not a great remix, it doesn't improve the song, but I'll still give a listen to anything involving The Fugees' second album.  This injects a lotta base, a little trappings, and threatens to be really good when the … Continue reading frankles free fridays