Reports from the Forest: Was Lost, Now Found

Welcome Home, Forest Family. Jump to:  THURSDAY   |   FRIDAY   |   SATURDAY   |   SUNDAY   |   GALLERY Everything leading up to a music festival, from making lists to grocery shopping up through your arrival at the venue is about enough to make your average person never, ever want to do it … Continue reading Reports from the Forest: Was Lost, Now Found


frankles free fridays

The folks at Do Androids Dance received an anonymous submission this week that sent the rumor mill into overdrive.  It's a deep house remix of Outkast's 'Miss Jackson' called 'Moves like Ms Jackson.'  It seems some irresponsible blogger along the way determined this was a Disclosure remix, if only to set the rumors ablaze.  But … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles free fridays

Modular People is an interesting business model for musicians.  Instead of dedicated services for one aspect of a musician's life, like the record label, the agent, and the tour manager, they take on all the work themselves.  Kinda like getting an oil change, tune-up and car wash with your tank of gas.  The label has … Continue reading frankles free fridays

frankles’ free friday

I've decided to add another "day" to the site, Frankles' Free Fridays.  I'm going to keep track of a few songs during the week and present them to my readers as a thank you.  New music can be tricky to find and even more tricky to afford, so I'm going to help everybody out as … Continue reading frankles’ free friday