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After a small hiatus, we're back with more new music!  It turns out a trip to Coachella will knock a person out of commission for a week or so.  I'll have to consider a fill-in for Electric Forest in June... Speaking of Coachella, the first selection today comes from Bonobo, who was billed as a … Continue reading frankles free fridays


Live at Coachella: Disclosure

Sundays at Coachella are bittersweet.  On one hand, your body is beginning to feel the effects of festival life.  On the other hand, most attendees don’t show up just to have a seat in the back, sip water and then go back to camp for a bite of trail mix and an early bedtime.  People … Continue reading Live at Coachella: Disclosure

Live at Coachella: Galantis

I cannot stress the importance nor the weirdness of the fact that Galantis' Weekend 1 performance was their first ever live performance.  Their first release, Galantis EP had been released a scant eleven days earlier.  In short, their inclusion in the line-up was a gamble on the festival organizer's part.  Sure, they've both toured and … Continue reading Live at Coachella: Galantis

Like Kids in a Candy Store: Coachella

Attending Coachella Music and Arts Festival is like being transported onto the set of a movie designed by Dr. Suess with a script written by Hunter S. Thompson.  Here, more than anywhere else, I continually asking myself if this is all real.  Sure it is, but only for a few days in April. If you … Continue reading Like Kids in a Candy Store: Coachella

Live at Coachella: Flume

In music, Flume is poised, confident and even has a touch of swagger.  When his music plays, these qualities transfer to this listener.  Whether on headphones or blasting from a car, it's hard not to feel like you know better, or like you're in on some kind of secret when Flume is playing. If Flume … Continue reading Live at Coachella: Flume

frankles free fridays

Drake dropped a free track called "Draft Day," which samples Lauren Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)" for a clever, stuttering base. I'm fairly certain the song is a blatant attempt to get into Jennifer Lawrence's pants.  Not even subtle about it, Drizzy.  I would have gone for an X-Men reference myself, but maybe your Hunger … Continue reading frankles free fridays

New: Young & Sick | Magnolia 7″

The Fader was kind enough today to introduce me to two new songs from Young & Sick, who is appropriately and concisely self-identified as a Music and Art Project.  I'm no art major, but the visual aspect of Young & Sick looks like a natural and complicated extension of Keith Haring. But I'm not here … Continue reading New: Young & Sick | Magnolia 7″

frankles free fridays

I'm really excited for the first free song this Friday, a song off of Jamie xx's new release where the creative energy was focused entirely on the song itself and didn't spare a drop for the title, 'Untitled.'  The sound he cultivates with the xx always borders on dance, like any second the beat could … Continue reading frankles free fridays

Sunday Sounds: First Aid Kit

I'm sure I'd heard this song before I saw it performed live, but seeing First Aid Kit perform "Emmylou" live at Coachella in 2012 was where I was able to connect with the song.  That's where it hit me. The power of the girls' harmonies is undeniable.  They capture perfectly the innocence and simplicity of … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: First Aid Kit


If you ever find yourself dating somebody younger than you are, keep in mind that the most significant or polarizing difference won’t likely be differing maturity levels.  This is especially true in my case when I’m older than my girlfriend.  It puts on a level playing field of maturity, more or less.  The times you’ll … Continue reading Madchester