Celtic Revenge: Or, The Demise of Electronica

Are you old enough to remember the rise of electronic music in the 90’s, as DJ’s and other electronic groups emerged from the underground into the light of the mainstream? This era was a heyday for labels like Astralwerks and Mute, large players responsible for bringing Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Underworld and many others to the throngs of new fans disenchanted by the … Continue reading Celtic Revenge: Or, The Demise of Electronica

Sunday Sounds: Savoy

Hey, so do you remember when Daft Punk kinda made you feel bad about wanting another Daft Punk album?  Sure, you were impressed with their bravado, their amazing songwriting and innovation, creating something new using the sounds they grew up on?  Maybe you thought to yourself, “Yeah, this is great and everything, but where’s the new Daft Punk record?  You know, Daft Punk? You’re not alone. … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Savoy