2016 II

Omissions and Otherwise Left-out Leftovers  |  last.fm data  |  Spotify data Okay, so in my 2016 post, it would seem that I glossed over or outright left out a lot of important parts of the year in music. It's as if I talked about the body, but not the heart. This was intentional, as I … Continue reading 2016 II


Sunday Sounds: David Bowie

Yes, this is the second appearance of David Bowie on Sunday Sounds, and I highly doubt it will be his last. In my first post, I accompanied the newly- and surprise-released "The Next Day" with a kind of fanboy walkthrough of Bowie's musical and technical highlights, before dumping the album and calling it a day. … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: David Bowie

Review: Arcade Fire | Reflektor

      A few thoughts from my initial listen of Arcade Fire's new album, Reflektor: This doesn't sound like Arcade Fire They still sound appropriately over-dramatic This. Album. Is. So. Long. No, it doesn't sound like other Arcade Fire albums.  They put the church they recorded up for sale after the roof collapsed.  Apparently … Continue reading Review: Arcade Fire | Reflektor

Sunday Sounds: Lou Reed

To be honest, I was having a hard time coming up with the subject for this Sunday.  Then the subject found its way to me in the worst possible way, "Did you hear Lou Reed died?"  Wait, what?!  I was aware he was having health issues, because I was sorely disappointed when he cancelled his … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Lou Reed

Sunday Sounds: David Bowie

David Bowie has released 25 albums over the course of his long career.  His musical style shifts with the times, spanning funk to minimalism to glam rock and drum n bass.  There's a reason he's called the chameleon.  Anybody can do what he does, but to make it sound natural, to leave his mark on … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: David Bowie

Celtic Revenge: Or, The Demise of Electronica

Are you old enough to remember the rise of electronic music in the 90's, as DJ's and other electronic groups emerged from the underground into the light of the mainstream? This era was a heyday for labels like Astralwerks and Mute, large players responsible for bringing Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Underworld and many … Continue reading Celtic Revenge: Or, The Demise of Electronica

Tease: Arcade Fire

Do you ever think about dream records you would make if the universe aligned so you could get exactly what you want?  We must be living in somebody else's dream, because I wouldn't have necessarily thought to put Arcade Fire, James Murphy and David Bowie into the same room to record, but I'm really glad … Continue reading Tease: Arcade Fire