Sunday Sounds: St. Germain | Boulevard

I have the good fortune of landing a partner who loves music as much as I do, who loves to find new music and share it with the people around her. Fortunately, those people usually include me. So, when Cassidy found this article¬†on Mixmag listing, “12 albums that will still blow you away” yesterday, she forwarded it to me straight away. I’m a fairly nostalgic … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: St. Germain | Boulevard

Sunday Sounds: Jon Hopkins

Modern life is full of distractions, full of thousands of voices, cars, commercials, cat videos, comic book movie trailers, songs, all vying for your ever-weakening attention. Connected-everything technology promises to make that better with to-do lists, reminders, calendars, and organizers, but it is those same devices that also offer the distractions that sliver and shred your focus to ineffective pieces. The noise of distractions adjusts … Continue reading Sunday Sounds: Jon Hopkins